Friday, February 17, 2012

Caught wearing Maami's (Aunt's) saree

It had been so many days since I wore any of the ladies clothes.
My penis badly wanted the feel of a silky panty.
Well, what to do, I have come here to my mom’s mom place (naani). My naani, nana, mama (mom’s brother) and maami  (mom’s brother’s wife) stay here.

My mausi(mom’s sister) had also come. She is the youngest mausi. We had planned to go to our elder mausi’s house.

So I had to bath and get ready. My maami took shower before me. Just when she got out from the bathroom, I entered thinking that she might have kept some of her clothes in the bucket, so I can wear them. My penis throbbed at this idea. But there were no clothes. I started having bath just when maami told from outside “Dear, me and your mausi are going to mandir, we’ll be back in 30 mins.” I said “ok.”
Waao, I was so happy, no one will be at home for 30 mins. I can go to mami’s room, close the door and wear her clothes.

Just as soon as they left, I entered my maami’s room wearing a towel. I started searching her drawer. I found a brown panty. I removed my towel and wore the brown panty. It had an awesome feeling. So silky, so soft, my penis felt great.

Then I started searching for a bra, I got my hands on a black bra. I started wearing it. My mausi’s clothes would perfectly fit me as I am a bit fat and my mausi’s figure is 36 30 36. I wore the bra. Now, I inserted mama’s underwears into the cups of the bra to make fake boobs.

I looked in the mirror, wow, I was looking great. Now, I wanted to get dressed in a saree. I started searching for a matching blouse and petticoat. I got a red petticoat, and I wore it and tied it around my waist. Then I found a same red color blouse and started wearing it. Its soft material felt great on my body. I wore the blouse. Oh my god, I was looking so hot.

To my surprise, just then the door opened and my mami was standing there and she saw me. “Hey, what are you doing?” she said and started laughing. She called my mausi into the room and both of them laughed. My mausi came near me and asked “do you like wearing ladies clothes?” I said “yes.” Then she told my maami “lets get him dressed”.

My maami opened the almirah and got one red saree. It was a plain red saree and no work on it. Both of them started draping me in a saree. Finally, I wore a red saree over the red blouse and petticoat. I stood in front of the mirror. I was looking very hot. My maami was in a light green saree aur my mausi in a grey nightie.

I was looking like this.
My mausi applied nailpolish on my fingers and maami applied nailpolish on my nails on my toes. Then maami applied lipstick on my lips, a bindi on my forehead, two earrings on my ears and her mangal sutra around my neck. I was feeling like a complete lady.

Just then my mamaji (maami’s husband ; mom’s brother) entered the room. He was wearing a towel, he just came into the house, took a bath and while coming from the bathroom saw us in this room. He started laughing along with my maami aud mausi, he came near me and told me that I looked like a real girl. I blushed and looked down. I was surprised to see a bulge on my mamaji’s towel. I understood that his penis was hard.

Maami also saw this and told me “Keep your hand on ur mamaji’s penis.”
I started rubbing his penis from over his towel. It was rock hard. He took me in my arms, he had a great build, I felt like a aroused lady in his arms. He removed my pallu from my shoulders, now I was in his arms in just blouse and petticoat. I got down on my knees, took his penis in my hand and started caressing it.

I saw my maami and mausi sitting on the sofa and enjoying the show. I started licking his 8 inch rock hard penis.
It was very hot and felt great in my mouth. Mamaji closed his eyes as I took his penis in my mouth and started sucking it. I took it deep in my throat and mamaji started fucking my mouth. He said he wanted to fuck me. I stood up, he removed my brown panty from inside my petticoat. He wanted to fuck me doggy style.

Then he kept the tip of his penis on my asshole and started pushing his big rock hard black penis inside my asshole. “ahh” I said and saw my maami was just in green blouse and petticoat. She had removed her saree and was removing her panty from under her petticoat.
Mamaji had his penis deep inside my asshole and started fucking me. By seeing this, my mami started fingering herself. She was just in grass green blouse and petticoat and was fingering herself.

As my mamji increased his speed of fucking me, my mausi also got aroused and when she saw my maami fingering herself, she also wanted to do the same. She also removed her panty from under her nightie and started fingering herself as my mamaji was fucking me hard.

After 15 minutes of hard fucking, mamaji said he wanted to cum. I held his penis in my hand and I was shaking his penis very fast, I took it in my mouth and loads of cum started coming out from it.

I gulped down all his sperms down my throat. He has exhausted but I was not satisfied, my penis was rock hard now, I lifted my red petticoat and took my penis in my hand and told everyone that I want to take out my sperms. On hearing that, my mami started fingering herself really fast, I went to her, grabbed her thighs and started pushing my rock hard penis into her pussy.

Her pussy was very hot and wet and my penis easily went inside it. I started pressing her breasts hardly and was fucking her at full speed. Her armpits were wet with sweat, I fucked her for 5 minutes and shoot out loads of sperm inside her pussy.
Oh my god, what a session it.
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