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My adventures as Kavya - Ep-3 - I wore my first saree with Mom and Sister

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After a week my Dad again went for some meeting...... the very next day morning I woke up and after getting fresh just putup a nighty, cliped my hairs & reached to dining table where mom and sis were already sitting.
Mom said to me, " Good morning son, I & nidhi were just discussing about you... I think now you are ready to try saree. ...what you say??"

I said " Great mom. .. I am very excited"

Mom said, "ok but before this we have to do some preparations.... I want you to manage your own wardrobe for kavya... I have already ordered a brand new almira for your room... We are going to do intensive shopping for your wardrobe...but you have to share dressing table with your sister as dad may question if we keep a separate dressing table in you room. .. but you will get your own makeup kit."

Three of us went on shoping... I was in male had already ordered some pairs of silicon breast for me online... we went to undergarment shop and I picked up 5 different style panties and bra according to the size of my silicon breast ordered...then we also purchased few nighties also... 3 pairs of heels... I was feeling a bit akward when i was trying heels in amit avatar.. however shopkeeper does not objected may be because my sister and mom were with me. after purchasing a lot of trivial things we finally reached to a saree and salwar shop.
It was a new shop named Manohar Sarees, so very few people knew about this shop.... At the moment we were the only customer present in the shop. The owner was a young man called Manohar. Very soon he shows us different different varites of sarees....we 3 were so deeply involved in selecting saree that we forget that we are sitting in market.
Mom said, " Nidhi I think this maroon one will be more suitable for amit " and then she kept it on my sholder and draped it to get a feel.
Sister said, " Mom we should purchase atleast 2 silk sarees for amit as you see his skin is very smooth. "
I said " I want the pure red hot saree as my first saree"
Listening to our conversion the shop owner Manohar intervened, " Excuse me, are you buying saree for the young man?? "
My mom tried to control the situation and said in stammered voice, "Actually yes... he has to perform a play in his school "

Manohar said," You are buying. 6-7 expensive sarees for a pity school play... very strange!!"

Mom replied," Well Mr. its our personal wish... and if you have any problem we can go to some other shop "
Manohar said while smiling ," no I dont have any problem... customer is god for me...only thing I want to tell you that you are my first customer... so i will give you the first saree free and wanted to remember the customer"

After finally choosing 7 sarees we gave it to manohar and asked him for matching petticoat and blouse piece.

After giving all stuff to us he said, " Just for your information I am telling you that I am a very good tailer also...even though I have left tailering. .... I can stitch blouse for you and will take all measurements at your home... but will charge 5 times extra"

Mom said "ok thanks for information "

We reached home, all three of us changed to gown, maxy and nighty
then set my news wardrobe....
silicon breasts also arrived home......
Only thing left was my blouses
No option was available for that....... So I finally asked mom to allow me to call manohar...... I thought in mind that letting manohar know about my crossdressing will help me in long run. ... as he is a saree shop owner and a tailer too.

Mom said, " ok call that stupid fellow"
I called manohar.. and he was on his way...

The door bell rang...I went to open the door.... It was manohar
Wathing him I became Happy from inside and greeted him smilingly saying " HI:-) "

I was in nighty and my hair were open and coming to sholder and a small bunch in front of my eyes... I had not done any makeup but had put some lip gloss.
He replied me," Hi baby... you looking soo stunning much better than what I saw in shop "

I just blushed and asked him to come in.
I told Mom that manohar has came and I am giving him the measurement..... Mom said ok,   as she was in her room doing rest.....didi was in bathroom washing her hair...
I took him to my room and told him to take the measurement.

Manohar said "ok,  what should I call you and.... you are a CD na "

I said " you can call me kavya and yes I am a CD... "

Manohar said " Well I dont have any prob to work for a CD client...... only thing is your mom behave some what rudely"

I said " I say sorry for that.... you are such a helping person... "

Then he took my mearurement,  his touch on my back and on arms gave me some sensation.... It was a different feeling I was actually getting attracted toward him.

He asked " when you want. your blouses??"

I said as early as possible
then I asked him,"Manohar, If you dont have any problem I want to do friendship with you"
Manohar said in excited form, " Oh that so nice of you baby... I accept your friendship and I promise that I will never tell your secret to any one and I will always give you girly treatment"

We exchanged phone number...and I created a facebook account as Kavya just for adding him

I found that he is a 28 yr old divorcee and a very good person...... I also told him about me CDing past. As I was just 17 yr old so he alway took care like that.
Once I was alone in home... so I asked him to come home for dilivering my blouses.

He came in 10 min. I open the door and let him in. ..he gave me blouses.  I asked him to wait. .. I went In side and fixed silicon boobs and then put bra and red blouse I was a perfect fit,  but the back cut was too deep exposing almost my full back. ..then I wore the matching red petticoat. I put Light makeup and dark red lipstick and then came out in blouse petticoat it self.
He asked why I have not wore the saree..... 
I said " its my first time Saree dressing so I wear it infront of mom.  By the way your blouses are grt.  how much is the bill "

He said " you are my friend. .. its free for you... I just request you to let me take some photos of you "
I said "so nice of can take any number of pics....but why you want my pic that too in blouse petticoat "
He said " I just want to preserve every moment spent with you"
He then took a lots of pics of mine & finally I gave him a good bye kiss on his cheek.... he took pic of even that also....and went.
After 1 hr mom and didi came, looking me already wearing blouse & petticoat they became happy.
Mom took out the red hot saree from packet and started pleating on me. ... then she took pallu out and pinned on my left shoulder she then gave me red bangles. she then asked me to take ghunghat and then touch feet of lord krisha..... I touched feet of lord krishna then of mom and then of sis....they gave me blessings

Now it was. a photo session again.......and the celebration lasted for whole day

Next episode - Getting ready for SEX

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