Friday, June 8, 2012

Mausi Caught me Crossdressing and had sex with the whole family

During my school break, I had visited my Mausi (Mother's sister). I really liked this Mausi because of her way of wearing sarees. She has a figure of 34-30-34. I had always wanted to wear her clothes and thus sometimes, I went to the bathroom to grab hold of her overnight panties and bras. One day, I was watching TV at her flat. There were four people at the flat. Me, my mausi and her husband's parents. Her saas (husband's mother) was 55 years old but still looked busty as her figure was 38-32-36. She also used to wear sarees.

My mausi told me that she and her saas were going to the nearby market for getting some vegetables and they will be back within 30 mins. They went and this gave me a golden opportunity for crossdressing in my mausi's clothes. I  badly wanted to feel wearing her blouse and petticoat.

Her sasur (husband's father) was sleeping in other room, seeing this, I went inside my mausi's room, opened her wardrobe and started browsing through her clothes. I found so many cotton and silk sarees. Then in the lower section of the wardrobe there were so many blouses ranging from red, yellow, green, orange, grey to black, violet and lots more. I took the violet blouse in my hand and found it to be very soft because it was a bit old.

I remember how sexy my mausi looks when she wears it. I removed my clothes and placed my throbbing penis in between my thighs. Then i took a light green panty and wore it. It was very this from the pussy area but still covered my penis because it was in between my thighs. Then I quickly wore the white bra and hooked it from behind. The bra had very thin straps around the shoulder. Then I folded two underwears and placed them in the bra cups to make fake breasts.

Then I unfolded the violet color petticoat and started wearing it. While wearing the petticoat it was touching my thighs and due to its soft material I was feeling in heaven. I tied the knot of the petticoat just under my belly. Then I started wearing the violet blouse. The blouse had deep neck cut and also deep back cut. I carefully placed the bra cups into the blouse cups and hooked the blouse from the front.

The blouse had quarter length arms and which were a bit tight. Due to the tightness of this very soft bra, I was feeling really very sexy. After wearing the blouse I was feeling very sexy and couldn't decide whether I should masturbate or wear the saree. Just then while wondering, I saw my Mausi standing on the doorway, looking at me furiously.

She shouted at me "What are you doing? You are wearing my blouse petticoat!!! How dare you!!"

I said "Mausi sorry, but you said you will return later thus I decided to explore myself, I always wanted to wear your blouses."

Just then her saas came from behind and started laughing. Seeing this my mausi also started laughing while I blushed like a girl. Both of them came near me, her saas told me "It is ok to have this kind of fantasy. Why don't you wear a saree as well? let me dress you up"

My mausi inspected my body and said "Oh my God! you are wearing my bra also!!"

I said "I am wearing your panty also"

Hearing this she started laughing and went to the wardrobe and brought a plain silk violet saree. She unfolded the saree and her saas held one end of the saree in her hand and started draping it around my petticoat tucking it under my belly wherever required. Then she started making pallu, she made a pallu of several layers which would expose both my arms and finally placed the pallu over my blouse.

Then I saw my mausi's sasur (Mausi's husband's father) standing there and rubbing his pant. The saas said "Hey what are you doing here?"

The sasur was a 60 years old retired man. He said he had been watching me all time dressing up like this. Then I, mausi and saas all three of us saw the bulge in his pants and understood that he has got a hard on.

Then saas said "Why is your penis standing like a rod?? I thought it doesn't stand up anymore"

Then she turned towards me and said "Dear, you have made an old man go horny"

I smiled and went near him. He hadn't worn anything around his chest and I went to him, started pressing me slowly in his chest, then I kept one hand on the bulge of his pants and started pressing it. He closed his eyes and moaned "ohhhhh"

I bent down and sat on my knees on the floor. I unzipped his pant and took out a large 8 inch long hard cock from inside. I held his hard dick in my hand and started masturbating it slowly. I looked at my mausi and saas and they were seeing this with curious eyes. The saas told from behind "Suck his dick. I used to suck it 3-4 times a day but he hadnt got any hardon from the last 8 years, now you have got him a hardon, suck it my dear"

Encouraged from the saas's words, I started licking the old man's penis from top to bottom. Then I took it in my mouth and sucked it very hotly from 5 minutes. For the whole 5 minutes he was moaning in pleasure. Then he asked me to remove my saree. I removed my saree and and exposed my cleavage to him. Then he said that he will sit on the sofa while I have to take his penis inside my asshole. He sat on the sofa and I came to him.

I removed the panty from under the petticoat but didn't remove the blouse and petticoat as I wanted to feel like a lady while getting fucked. I took his penis in my hand and started rubbing my asshole with his penis's head. He said "Waao, what a hot and warm asshole you have, now please take my rod inside I am getting mad"

I started taking his dick inside my asshole. An old man like him could penetrate I was a bit surprised. Then I screamed a bit as he started giving me thrusts by making his penis go in and out of my asshole. I completely sat on his thighs with his rod inside my ass and he placed his hands on both my breasts. I started sweating from the armpits area making the sexy violet blouse go wet from both the underarms. He started fucking me at a good speed and I took my already hard penis in my hand and started masturbating simultaneously.

I saw my mausi and her saas both had removed their sarees and were rubbing their pussy's very fast from under their petticoat. My mausi was in black blouse and petticoat and her saas was in red blouse and petticoat. Both of them had a great cleavage and were looking at us with horny eyes.

I couldn't control and stood up and went to the saas, grabbed her thighs and lifted her petticoat. I took my hard dick in my hand and pushed it inside her wet pussy. She moaned heavily and I realized how badly she wanted a dick in her throbbing wet pussy. I started fucking her madly. My thrusts were so hard to tear apart any pussy but as she was a 55 years old lady and had a big pussy hole and very experienced in getting fucked, she was enjoying my thrusts.

Just then I saw that the old man had become uncontrollable and had grabbed my mausi's thighs. My mausi was in deep pleasure as her own sasur started fucking her madly. After 10 minutes of heavy fucking, I realized that now anytime my penis can throw sperms. I decided to take out my sperms inside this lady's hot pussy and make it more hot my giving her an experience of a life time. I spurted out lots and lots of hot sperms inside her pussy and she went mad with pleasure by the hot sensations of sperms inside her pussy.

Then I saw mausi gulping down all sperms of her sasur.

What an evening it was!!! We kept this evening as a secret among ourselves and whenever we get privacy, we have sex while I am crossdressed.

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