Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Thief fucked me while I was crossdressed

First of all, let me tell you that I stay alone in my flat because I have a Crossdressing hobby which I like the most. Whenever I am in my flat, I remain crossdressed. I have four types of breast forms that match my skin color and when I wear them, they look just perfect and no one can say that the breasts are fake. I always have a breast form attached on my chest and also a wig. 
I undergo laser therapy every week and there is not a single hair on my body and face. I also have a bath as a woman as I never remove my breast forms and wig. After having bath, I massage my body with body butter cream which keeps my body silky smooth and always shining.

No one can say that I am a male because I carry myself so perfectly as a crossdresser that I look like a young and vibrant woman.

This day, I was wearing a pair of 34 inch breast forms which had black nipples and a wig which had long dark brown hair curled from the bottom and ends. After having bath I massaged my body with a body butter cream as I do everyday. Then I dressed my self up in a Pink saree with Red blouse. I had worn a black padded bra over my breasts and a black cotton velvet panty. Whenever I wear a panty, I hide my penis in between my thighs and it feels very feminine.

Then I wore a red petticoat which was made of cotton. I always choose soft cotton petticoat because when the soft material touches my thighs and smooth legs, I find it kind of hot and horny. After that I wore a Red blouse which had quarter length arms and had silver patterns on the border. It had a deep neck cut which exposed my hot deep cleavage and also a deep back which exposed my sexy back. Look at the above pic to know in what way I was dressed.

After wearing the pink saree over the blouse and petticoat, I applied a little makeup which comprised of liquid and powder foundation. Then I applied kajal, a red bindi, red nailpolish and light pink lipstick.
After dressing up my figure looked very sexy. It was 34-28-34.

I was completely looking like a woman. I did household chores after dressing up like washing clothes and utensils, then I wrote for this blog on my laptop and finally I visited my neighbor who is from USA and also a crossdresser.
We chatted for 2 hours and I finally returned home.

To my surprise, the door was open. I thought I had locked the door, how it was open. I went inside and found sofa cushions on the floor. I realized that some one had entered my flat. I went to the bedroom silently without making noise and switched on the lights. I saw a man 5'10 inches in height holding a torch in his hand and searching something in my wardrobe. He saw me and panicked.

I realized he was a thief. He said "Please maam, do not make an alarm otherwise police will catch me and send me to jail."

I took a baseball bat in my hand in case he hit me. He said "I am from a good family and I am not a thief. I failed in my exams and thus I had to pay exam fees and my parents don't know about this. That is why I thought of stealing. I am not a professional thief."

I said "It is okay. Now don't panic, come here, have a seat."

He sat on the sofa and said "Plz give me something valuable I want money. I will return next month."

I said "Wait here, I'll bring you some water to drink and some thing to eat."

I noticed that he was looking at my cleavage which was visible because the saree was a bit transparent. I smiled and went to the kitchen.

When I came back to the Drawing room, I was surprised to see that guy!!!

He had my dupatta in his hand and he was smelling it. In the other hand, he held his 9inch long cock and was masturbating. He had his eyes closed. I understood that he was smelling the ladies perfume and was thinking about me. I really wanted to suck his 9 inch long dark cock.

I shouted at him "What are you doing?"

He opened his eyes and quickly zipped his pants. Then he said "I am so sorry maam, plz dont be mad, I couldn't control my emotions, your perfume was driving me crazy. I thought you will take time in the kitchen and thus I thought of masturbating."

I told "Its ok, but why have you stopped? You can continue masturbating?"

He said "Really? Just one request.."
I asked "What?"

He said, "You please sit here on the sofa, I want to watch you, smell your dupatta and masturbate"

I smiled and said "okk."
I came forward and sat on the sofa. This time he didn't unzip his pant, but he removed his whole pant and lowered his black color underwear. He looked at me and I bent a little to show him my cleavage. He started smelling my dupatta and took his hard rod in his right hand and started masturbating slowly. I said "Can I help you to masturbate?"

He said "Ohh yes maam, I would love it"

While he was standing on the floor, I went to him, sat on the floor and took his hard rod in my hand. When I started pressing his dick, He started moaning in joy and closed his eyes. I was slowly pushing the dark skin of his penis up and down. Then I pressed the tip of his penis with my tongue.

He said "Maam, please take it in your mouth, please"

I started sucking the head of his penis and tasted his pre-cum. Then I started licking his whole rod with my tongue. Slowly I took the whole dick in my mouth and started sucking it. I was rubbing his balls while sucking his penis. Just then I took his penis out of my mouth and raised my arms in air to remove my kameez. I removed the pallu of my saree and exposed my tight and sexy blouse to him. He was shocked to see my extra big boobs. He started squeezing one of them.

Just then I said "Keep your hand away from my breasts."

He said "Sorry maam, but I couldn't control."

I removed my blouse and my bra also and exposed my whole breasts to him. Hi mouth started watering. He said "Maam, please let me suck them please"

I said "no"

Then once again I took his penis in my hand and started sucking it deep in my throat. Then I placed his penis in between my breasts. He said "Ohh god.. ohh god.. maam, you have such soft and warm breasts.. ohh my god, I want to fuck you"

Then he started fucking my breasts as he couldn't control. Then he said "maam, please let me fuck you.. no one would know.. "

I said "I just had an operation in my pussy last week, I can't let you fuck my pussy. But still, you can do one thing."

He asked what one thing.

I said "You can fuck my ass, but I wont remove my panty and salwar from my pussy. I dont want you to see my pussy but you can fuck me in the ass"

He became more horny by hearing what I said. He told "Anywhere maam, but just let me fuck you. I never fucked such a beautiful lady in my whole life."

I sat on the floor like a bitch in doggy style. He bent and lifted my petticoat from my ass,  then he removed my panty from my ass but he didn't touch my front section in which there was a hard penis, not a wet pussy which he was thinking about. Then he placed the tip of his penis on my asshole and held me from behind. He almost climbed on me like a dog and held both my boobs in his hand while he was slowly inserting his hard rod in my asshole.

He started squeezing my breasts and he was not smooth in inserting his dick in my ass. He almost raped me. He was fukcing my ass in and out very hardly. He was behaving like a horny dog. He was fucking me very hardly and was moaning aah aah aahh...

When he was about to cum, he fucked me more hardly. He almost raped me like a mad horse. Then suddenly he released his hot sticky sperms in my asshole. He spurted out lots and lots of cum.

Then I cleared all his sperms in my ass with my panty and wore the petticoat back. He said "Thank you maam. You are very sexy. I was a pleasure fucking you"

I said, "Its ok, you can go now."

Just when he left, I quickly lowered my petticoat once again and grabbed my rock hard dick which was waiting for so long to be masturbated. I recalled all the scenes in which he was fucking me like a dog and started masturbating fastly. I also threw out all my hot sperms on the floor.

The so called 'thief' had fucked me thinking me as a lady and without knowing that I am a crossdresser.

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