Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Went to a CD Parlor and had a full Body Massage

Recently the concept of CD parlor has come into picture. A CD parlor is a type of a Beauty Parlor and SPA meant for Crossdressers and run by Crossdressers. However, these parlors can only be found in Metro Cities. I was lucky that a CD Parlor had come up at my area. Even though I am very beautiful and whenever I am dressed, I look like a woman, I decided to visit the parlor and see what type of services they offer.

On a Sunday morning, I got dressed in a white designer saree. I had my wig on my head and I also wore 36 inch breast forms.

I went to the parlor and was welcomed very nicely. Two CD sisters had taken the initiative to open this CD parlor. You can see their pic and make out how beautiful they look. They had many types of services such as haircut, facial massage, spa services, body massage etc.

I decided to go for body massage. I was dressed in a white saree just like shown in the left.

There were two types of body massage. One was done by CDs and other was done by handsome men.

For undergoing any type of massage, they asked me to remove the saree and lie down on the cozy bed with just a Bedsheet on.

I opted to be massaged by male masseurs. I went inside the spa room and a male masseur wearing a black pant and white shirt welcomed me. I removed my saree in the dressing room and went back in only white blouse and petticoat. I lied down on the bed. The masseur put oil on my thighs by lifting my petticoat. Then he started rubbing and pressing my thighs and legs.

He kept on massaging my thighs and legs. Then he put oil on my back and massaged my back, then my arms. The hooks of my blouse were at the back. Thus, he started removing my hooks and finally exposed my back. He also unhooked my bra from behind. Then he started massaging my back and slowly he started touching the sides of my fake boobs. Then after massaging like this for 5 minutes, he almost grabbed my boobs and started pressing them and squeezing them.

He was squeezing my nipples as well. My penis had become very hard undermy panty. Then he lowered my panty and exposed my ass. He started rubbing and pressing my ass. Then he put some oil in my asshole and started massaging my asshole with his hands and fingers. This really made me very horny.
Then suddenly I felt his fingers inserting my asshole, but next moment I realized that he was inserting his hard penis in my asshole.

I moaned "ahhhhh..... yessssss"
Then he inserted his full penis inside my asshole. It must be atleast 7 inches long. Then he slowly removed his dick halfly and then once again inserted his dick fully. He grabbed my boobs from behind. While taking his dick go in and out of my asshole, he was also pressing my boobs at the same time.

Due to the oil in my asshole, there was no pain and only pleasure. Then he started fucking me a bit hard. While he was fucking me, I saw a Crossdresser come inside the room and sat on the nearby sofa and saw me getting fucked. I understood that she is newly employed here and was learning things. My penis was throbbing inside my velvet panty.

The masseur kept on fucking me hardly and pressed my boobs. Then suddenly he removed his penis from my asshole and made me lie on the other way round. Then he started masturbating his penis near my boobs. He stroked his penis very hardly near my face and spurted out lots of hot sperms on my boobs and my neck and face.

Then the CD who was sitting at the sofa, she was a foreigner and was wearing a short white dress. She came near me on my bed and removed my panty completely. She took my hard penis in her hand and sat on my thighs. She slowly started inserting my hard rod like penis inside her asshole. My penis which had become very horny was fully inserted inside her asshole. She removed her dress and she also had breast forms on her chest.

She started jumping on my penis and making it go in and out of her asshole. Both of us were in complete joy and our boobs were dancing like like porn actresses. Then I made her lie down on bed and kept her legs on my shoulders and started fucking her asshole very hardly. I threw out all my hot sperms inside her asshole.

Then after such a hot fucking cum massaging session, I dressed back in my saree and thanked the owners for such a lovely service.

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